Stripwound Interlock Hose

OM FLEXIBLES Interlocked Metal Hose manufactured and offered is also referred to as strip wound hose and consists of successive turns of profiled strip, with the edges of adjacent turns interlocked. Interlock Hoses are made with a packing so that filament of cotton, asbestos, rubber or metals like copper can be fed into the interlock to make it pressure tight. It is mostly used as a protective/conduit casing. It is also used as a liner inside the hose based on the profile formation.

Size Ranges : DN6 MM( ¼” NB) TO DN 300MM(12” NB)

Material Grades : GALVANISED STEEL,STAINLESS STEEL SS 304 , SS316 , SS316L, SS202

Locking :

Profile :

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Double Interlock Hoses :

Square Lock without Packing :

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